About us

Arxlight AB provides to selected customers fortified IT, Telecom and energy systems that are designed to meet modern cyber and EMP challenges. Personal invitation with login is required for further information regarding most of our products and technology.

Our products and technology are based on +30 years of experience from high security IT and Telecom services to Swedish public sector (Primlight AB) and production of ruggedized COTS for military forces in +15 countries.

Arxlight AB invites open security audits of software code and design adoptions for whitelisted government security organizations.

Company group have expert knowledge in:

  • Energy storage solutions (electrical and heat)
  • Large scale Datacenter technology
  • MIL-STD adapted IT and Telecom systems
  • Electronic design with EMI/EMP protection
  • Fiber optical transmission and protection
  • Software development for IT and Telecom
  • ITIL, ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 processes

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Arxlight AB
Vretgränd 18
SE-753 22 Uppsala